It's all safe with a

The smart secure way to store your medications, weapons and valuables,
while keeping your kids safe and others out.

  • According to the Centers for Disease
    Control and Prevention, more than 11
    youths under the age of 19 are killed by
    handguns in the United States every day.

  • A recent report issued by the Oregon
    Department of Human Services found that
    the deaths of one in four 14-18 year olds
    in Oregon resulted from gunshot wounds.

  • The same report found that guns are
    present in 51% of all Oregon homes,
    including ones where children live.

  • “Child Access Prevention” (CAP) laws,
    often referred to as “Safe Storage” laws
    generally require adults to either store
    guns in places inaccessible to children,
    or use locking devices. If a child uses an
    improperly stored gun, the adult owner is
    criminally liable. These laws have now
    been enacted in 15 states and have the
    full support of the Brady Campaign. CAP
    laws have not yet been enacted in
    Oregon, but the issue is just as critical.

Model BS-24
(top) can hold handguns, cameras, jewelry, medications and currency.
Model BS-55(bottom) is perfect for rifles and shotguns

Details(left) of one of two cased hardened pins through bracket and frame, and (right) mounting bracket position within bed frame.
Most burglars spend less than six minutes
inside a victim’s home and only have time
to check the most obvious places for valuables.
Why make it easy for them?
Firearms, ammunition, cameras, jewelry and
currency ... BedSafes offer convenient and secure
protection for your valuables, and those items
you need to put out of reach of children. It is the
smart way to keep your kids safe and away from
Quality construction BedSafe features include:
  • All steel components

  • Tubular keyed cam locking

  • Unique locking bracket (patent pending) that secures safe to bed frame

  • Durable powder-coated paint finish

  • Carpeted drawer bottom

  • This top view shows BedSafes adjustable mounting bracket bolted to bed frame.

    Closeup of front face of BedSafe mounted to bed frame.

    Pricing and ordering information
    Model BS-24.........................$349.00+S&H To order E-Mail us or call 1-800-544-2167
    Model BS-55.........................$399.00+S&H
    Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery